11 25 2020

Winnwell Classic Shoulder Pads

Winnwell Classic Shoulder Pads


Not all of us are playing super intense hockey. Some of us have ‘graduated’ to the rec/beer leagues of the world and don’t need to have really protective gear. I figure that I don’t need to wear my regular shoulder pads but that I should wear something to give a little bit of protection.

Winnwell SP1

That is where the Winnwell Classic Shoulder Pads come in. They are better that wearing nothing while playing. They are extremely light and pretty much weigh next to nothing. Sometimes when I am playing, I forget that I even have anything on. But at the same time I know that if I do fall or run into the boards, I have some plastic to protect my shoulders.

Winnwell SP2

The shoulder pads are made from Winnwell’s Clean Sport and that allows the shoulder pads to remain clean and smelling nice. No one likes the guy who has smelly gear sitting beside them in the locker room! There are Velcro straps on the chest and arms and that allows for a greater fit.

Winnwell SP3

As I mentioned before, they are extremely light and it feels as if you are wearing nothing. That allows you greater movement and freedom out on the ice. That’s why for $44.99, you want to consider the Winnwell Classic Shoulder Pads as the perfect pick up hockey gear.

Winnwell SP4

Hockey Gear Review recommends the Winnwell Classic Shoulder Pads for all rec level hockey players (who don’t want bulky shoulder pads!)

Rating: ★★★★½

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