10 25 2020

Winnwell GX-10 Senior Hockey Stick Review

Winnwell GX-10 Senior Hockey Stick Review


Sticks seem to be the one piece of equipment that gets the most attention from all levels of hockey players. They want to know that they are going to get good value for the money they are spending. I feel that it is really hard to find that perfect stick because it really depends on what you are looking for.

But what I can say is that a testing out the Winnwell GX-10 Senior Hockey Stick, you will be getting good value for a good price. We are big fans of Winnwell sticks at the site. The price points are quite reasonable and we feel that the sticks are generally well made. They may be overlooked because they are a smaller player in the NHL but that should not discount the quality of their products.

The GX-10 is Winnwell’s top of the line stick coming in at $160 on their website. It is constructed of 100% carbon graphite and that ensures that it is a fairly light weight stick (480 grams). It has a full 3k weave and that will help with the durability of the stick. But the biggest thing is the graphics.

If you read the site, you know that I am not huge on grip for sticks. I find it too sticky but others are looking for that. It is a personal preference and there really is no right or wrong. Well, on the GX-10, it has a half and half thing going on. The graphics are raised off the shaft of the stick and are slightly tacky. It creates a modified grip. I have to say that I really like it. I can move my hand around quite easily on the stick but it does grip on a bit better as compared to a non grip shaft.

Performance¬†wise, you will have no problems with the stick. I was able to use the stick right away and didn’t feel like I needed a ‘break in’ period. I used it in the warm up and then straight away in the game and it felt great. It’s quite responsive with my passes being crisp and sharp and my snapper having some pretty good zing on it.


– Light weight

– Modified grip

– All black graphics

– Competitive performance for cheaper prices

– Full range of curves and flexes


– no real complaints!

The Winnwell GX-10 Senior Hockey Stick is an extremely well made and crafted hockey stick without the huge price tag. You will get all the performance you are looking for at a smaller price tag ($160). I don’t think that you can really go wrong by one if you are in the market for a new hockey stick.

Hockey Gear Review recommends the Winnwell GX-10 Senior Hockey Stick for players of all abilities.

Rating: ★★★★★

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