10 25 2020

Winnwell GX8 Senior Hockey Stick Review

Winnwell GX8 Senior Hockey Stick Review


Venture into the one-piece composite stick market and you could probably think of at least 3 or 4 stick manufacturers before you’d think of Winnwell. So when Winnwell positions their stick as the “Most high performance product in the market under $100” your immediate reaction isn’t exactly enthusiasm. Virtually every big name stick manufacturer occupies a percentage of this lower cost, lower performance segment;but, for consumers looking for a bit more bang-for-your-buck, you may want to give this stick some serious consideration.

Look and Feel

The first thing you notice about the GX8 is its visual appeal. A nice balance between checkered woven carbon, and matte colour graphite and from a quick glance this looks like a Warrior Dolomite. The second thing you notice is how surprisingly lightweight and well-balanced this stick is. At 480 grams, the GX8 finds itself in some very good company – good company that costs nearly 2.5 times as much. The 12K woven blade has a razor-thin topline and for me, this made the puck setup on the blade, much like how a thin topline golf club would setup to a golf ball buried in deep rough – you get the feeling of more confidence to shoot and roll the puck off the blade.


On the ice, this stick performs as well as it looks. I found the low torque, low kick point shaft accurate and snappy. I found the shaft to be a little torsional stiff; it didn’t seem to twist at all when taking slap shots. In fairness though, I probably should be playing with a whippier flexed shaft. The puck came off the blade hot and overall it feels very good.

The only quip I have on the GX8 is the shaft and blade graphics are “leafy” in texture and seemed to come off with the hockey tape, but that being said this is a lot of stick for the money.


This stick is one for the masses. It’s a high-performance product at a near entry-level price and will cater to all types of players simply because of affordability. With 7 types of blade patterns to choose from (left and right), 3 finishes (Grip, Regular, Matte) you’re bound to find the flex, curve and finish of your choice.  I will continue to provide long-term updates with respect to durability but so far so good. Playing centre, I take a lot of face offs and so far the shaft of the stick has worn well.  Hockey Gear Review recommends the Winnwell GX8 to players of all abilities.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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