12 01 2020

Winnwell Proform Street Hockey Net

Winnwell Proform Street Hockey Net

Now that spring and summer are upon us, it’s time to head outside to play some street hockey. Nothing says summer like late evening out on the street with the neighborhood kids playing some road hockey. One of the things that you are going to need for sure is a good net. Growing up, we had aluminum ones that used to fall over to easy because they weren’t heavy enough or plastic ones that fell apart if you hit the post.


The Winnwell Proform Street Hockey Net is not going to have any of those problems. The net is an NHL sized regulation net (72″) and is constructed of steel. The do come in smaller sizes (60″ and 54″).  This is not your ordinary street hockey net. This a heavy-duty one. It also features the Quiknet Mesh system that allows you to put the net on in about 5 minutes. It is held with velcro straps that are sewn onto the netting itself. Quite an easy design. And it even had a covering for the center post!


As for putting the net together, that was rather simple as well. After you finished un-wrapping all of the individual pieces, it was a simple as clicking together the various pieces and following the instructions. Nothing much to it. It took about 15 minutes and we were ready to roll.


The net is adult sized, so if you have small ones who are used to knee hockey nets, then this is going to be quite a difference. For the bigger kids in your family, this net is perfect. It can handle most shots and can withstand a pounding. The only thing I found was that the posts and piping dented kind of easily. It really isn’t a big deal but be aware that it happens.


The Winnwell Proform Street Hockey Net does exactly everything you want it to do. It is sturdy, stays in place and is easy enough for a teenager or adult to move it. You can find them at some retail outlets for around $100. It seems like a high price but believe me it is a great investment if you have kids who are going to be out all day and night playing street hockey during the long summer days!

Hockey Gear Review recommends the Winnwell Proform Street Hockey Net to all hockey enthusiasts. 

Rating: ★★★★★


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