12 04 2020

Winnwell Senior Pro Stock Gloves Review

Winnwell Senior Pro Stock Gloves Review


After playing ice hockey for over 2 decades, I’ve seen first hand – fundamental improvements in the performance, protection, and build quality in today’s hockey gloves. Shopping for hockey gloves is like going on a blind date; you’re going to know in 5 seconds or less whether you will be having breakfast together the next morning. Those who have shopped or are currently shopping for a pair of gloves may liken themselves to that of Goldilocks (minus the red coat); some gloves are too big, others are too small and then there are those that are “just right”.

Finding the perfect pair hinges on a handful of variables, namely: price, fit, quality, comfort and protection. Next to skates, gloves are probably the second most finicky piece of equipment you’ll purchase and considering that $199.99 buys you the world’s finest and $99.99 is the industry barometer – there’s isn’t a vast amount of room for error. Add to it the fact that it almost always makes more sense than cents to replace rather than re-palm and the hockey glove segment can be a tough nut to crack. But what if you could have all the bells and whistles of a $199.99 for less than that? We found out when Winnwell Clean Hockey was kind enough to send us a pair of their 14” Pro Stock gloves to review.

Look and Feel

The Winnwell Pro Stock glove maintains a good balance between classic, traditional design and new age features. For starters the glove is a typical 4 roll design featuring dual, high density foams, plastic inserts over every square inch, segmented fingertips and lock thumbs. Slide you hands inside and the first thing you’ll notice is how soft and comfortable it fits. I found the fingertip knuckles to be a tad on the stiffer side, but I fully expect this to break-in with ice time. The fit is narrow and intimate; there isn’t much dead space inside the glove, the proportions feel proper and the ballistic nylon makes this glove extremely lightweight. Like Easton, Winnwell used an overlapping index finger stitch design, which I found indifferent. The gloves come equipped with soft durapalms and Winnwell’s patented Cleansport NXT® lining, an odour management technology that prevents the plague we players refer to as “Stink Palm”. The 14” version features a shorter cuff and Winnwell increased the glove’s north/south range of motion by flaring the collar. My only complaint has to do with the east/west range of motion as I found the opening to be somewhat restrictive.


For those who play with gloves with pro plastic inserts and lock thumbs can attest that it would be hard to downgrade. During my first shift I was on the receiving end of a pretty decent two-handed slash across the hands and to the gloves’ credit, I didn’t feel much of anything.

In an effort to increase durability and longevity, Winnwell added dual layer palms, and while this added feature would certainly prevent premature tearing, I found it slightly numbed the feel from my stick, but others may find this to be minimal at worst.

While wearing the Winnwell Pro Stock gloves, I went 10 for 14 in the faceoff circle and I liked the Motion Flex, open cuff design, which allowed me to achieve decent leverage when drawing the puck backwards.


Echoing the same thoughts as my Winnwell GX-8 stick review, without hesitation I would recommend this glove to players of all skills. This glove lives up to its Pro Stock name, offering every bit of protection one would expect in a high-caliber glove. The difference being you won’t pay high-caliber pricing, something Winnwell has prided their business philosophy on. You won’t find many a ton of NHL players wearing Winnwell and for that reason some people may choose another brand, but for those looking for pro performance and protection at an affordable price – this glove would not disappoint. Hockey Gear Review recommends the Winnwell Pro Stock gloves to players of all abilities.


Rating: ★★★★☆

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