10 31 2020

Zdeno Chara is a Warrior Kind of Guy

Zdeno Chara is a Warrior Guy


It looks like after being one of the poster boys for Easton, Zdeno Chara has now switched over to Warrior. Last season he was using Easton Pro Gloves and a S15 shaft and blade combo. The new season has started and you can see Chara wearing Warrior Franchise gloves, Warrior Hustler pants and is using a shaft that is painted to look like Warrior’s new Widow or it could be a Warrior KGB shaft with a blade. It does make sense since Warrior has strong ties to the Boston area and Zdeno is the captain of the Bruins and one of the most popular players. Chara is a monster no matter what gear he is using but Bruins fans will hope that he is still as dominant!

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